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Library Postcard Challenge

Sanchez Elementary Library would like to thank parents for participating in the Postcard Challenge. Students were asked to get family members and friends to mail them postcards from around the world. Over 600 postcards were received. Scholastic Book Fair Bucks were awarded to 1st grade and 2nd students who received the most cards, the card that traveled the furthest distance and random winners. Teachers could use the cards to teach the children location on maps, distance, & show historical and cultural symbols. The students pictured with the postcard display are (from left to right) Ella Lazaro, Lianna Navarro, Jasmine Villagómez, Zada Medeles, Savannah Mendez, and Keven Fuentes.

Ella & Zada were the random drawing winners. Lianna & Keven received the most postcards. Jasmine and Savannah had the postcards that traveled the furthest distance. The teachers whose class turned in the most cards were Ms. Guzman and Ms. J. Gonzalez for 2nd grade and Mrs. Cuellar and Mrs. Garrett for 1st grade.


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