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Learning to Beat the Heat

Doctor Sanchez demonstrates his new bone densitometry unit

Doctor Sanchez demonstrates his new bone densitometry unit

A doctor shares valuable tips

This summer in the Rio Grande Valley has seen more than its normal number of triple-digit temperatures.  These stressful conditions take their toll on everyone–especially the very young and those of advanced ages.  They can even be life-threatening if we aren’t careful. These are facts of life for those who are willing to endure the heat of the summer months for our delightful fall and winter weather.

However, there are a number of practical things we can do to beat the heat no matter whatever our age.

To learn more about the best way to protect our families from the very real challenge of soaring summer temperatures, LA FERIA NEWS spoke with Dr Mario A. Sanchez.  Doctor Sanchez is known to just about everybody as La Feria’s Neighborhood Doctor.

We asked the doctor about immediate steps we can take to protect ourselves against things like heat exhaustion and the more serious emergency of heat stroke.  You’ll be interested in his suggestions:

Doctor Sanchez said: “First of all, stay cool and make sure your air-conditioners are in top shape.  Plan your day—do your outside work in the early a.m. or late afternoon, and stay hydrated.”

The doctor preaches hydration to all his patients, especially outdoor workers, roofers, athletes and football coaches.  “Maintaining sufficient hydration is the most important thing you can do during the heat waves,” he said.  But don’t just drink pure water,” he added, “drink sport beverages like Gatorade and Pedialyte which contain necessary electrolytes and minerals you are losing through sweating.  Take a 32 once bottle of Gatorade with you. Stop drinking excess coffee, iced tea and beer.  These are diuretics you don’t need during the summer heat.”

Sanchez said,” I see people coming into my office during the summer with cramps from lack of hydration; some are emergency situations and are transferred to a hospital emergency care room.”

Another hat Doctor Sanchez wears is that of Team Doctor for the Mighty Lions.  This is his 27th year.  He insists on Gatorade and lots of water available at each game.  There are also an ambulance and certified athletic trainers available.  “These protective measures are not just for the players, but also for the cheerleaders, the band members and fans,” he said. “People get excited and forget to drink.  But, they too are subject to heat exhaustion.”

Let’s face it—not everyone has or can afford air-conditioning; what to do?   The doctor says invest is strong fans, keep the windows open, and try to stay in the rooms opposite the sun.    And, you’ll like this one:  Go shopping at the Mall or H.E.B. and enjoy their free air-conditioning during the peak temperature hours..”

The doctor said anyone experiencing sudden fatigue, severe cramps, vomiting, dizziness or sudden rise in temperatures to 104-105 needs immediate attention.  It is an emergency!

Call 911 and apply ice packs and give hydration.

Doctor Sanchez added these final thoughts:  “If anybody feels sick, stay home, don’t risk your life during these soaring summer temperatures.”

Thank you doctor, for your practical suggestions on how to beat the heat in the Valley.

Offices of the Neighborhood Doctor

Offices of the Neighborhood Doctor

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