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What’s really going on in the fair city of La Feria?

Dear Editor,

What’s really going on in the fair city of La Feria? As a tax-paying citizen of this community for the last twenty-four years I’d really like to know! And, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would…

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  1. Long-time chief of police resigns
  2. Long-time city manager is fired
  3. Our new mayor is also the chief of police in Mercedes; how can she find time to devote to both jobs?
  4. Interim city manager resigns from an $80,000 position – why?
  5. New chief of police is appointed interim city manager; again, how can he do both?

In short, what a mess!

Now, just a few more issues have:

First, for twenty-three years, people in La Feria have put unwanted items out by the curb and usually within 24 hours they disappear. You know the old adage, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” And, anything that might have been left behind (usually minimal) was picked up by the City on Fridays.

Then, along came Ben (dog-catcher/code enforcement officer) with his can of orange spray paint. Ben proceeded to drive around the city and spray paint any items found by the curb; now, no one wanted them, hence, we had items remaining on the curb for weeks with bright orange spray paint all over them. Really? Why was no one notified that the city would no longer pick up these items before Ben was turned loose with his orange spray paint?

Secondly, when is the city going to decide to demolish the run-down monstrosities (buildings) at the corner of Business 83 and Rabb Road? Those structures are nothing more than a haven for all kinds of vermin; at the very least they are eyesores to the community. I have asked this question before and was told that there were people living there and it was going to take some time. How much time is it going to take? In my humble opinion, those buildings should be condemned and anyone living there should be relocated. It’s way past time for the city to destroy those buildings.

And, lastly, I don’t know who decides the water rates in this city, but whoever “they” are should be ashamed. The rates are ridiculously high; when your monthly water bill exceeds your electric bill, there’s something wrong with that picture.

I have never complained about life in La Feria before, truly do love this community, but I just felt I had to speak up. After all, the citizens of La Feria have a right to know since our taxes pay the salaries of many of those “in charge”.

Linda Klowetter
La Feria, TX

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