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Politics in Cameron County is Still a Cauldron

After reading Harlingen and Brownsville blogs for the past years, I began looking at my old Cameron County Good Government League files from the 80’s.

Politics in Cameron County is still a cauldron, that black kettle bubbling with a toxic brew of self serving dollars. In the kettle, are many individuals that swim in this brew, never allowing an outside politician to add new, improved ingredients, that would make it a better brew.

With GOOGLE you put in a political name, John Doe, Jose Doe, wow, the things that pop up, about those who Swim in this brew. Take the Texas Secretary of State office, the Texas Ethics Commission, the Texas Private Security Board, the Cameron County Clerk’s office, Appraisal office, Tax office, boy, what you can find.

Look at and Study your County budget. Do you ever look at the appraised value of property owned by John or Jose? How about the many companies they are involved in, or the spouse of those doing the backstroke.

Are they paying taxes, relatives getting Special treatment, not going to jail when your kids do, working another job when they are on the county payroll. How many law enforcement officers have a private security license? Why is a Cameron County Deputy Constable working in Alamo in your uniform?

Have your ever tried to get on a plane with a gun and not gone to jail, ever run into a car sitting at a red light and not get a ticket? Drive a new car every couple years and not use your money to pay for it? Let someone else pay for the dry cleaning of your cloths. Do you like adult drinks at the end of the day, bought by money other than yours, all you have to do is make it into the cauldron.

S21 million for a bridge that was never built, was this in the 80’s, or recently, or both. Tax Assessor arrested recently or in the 80’s, or both. Voter fraud, then or now, elected officials going to prison, seems to be a constant.

Ah FACEBOOK, now what a place for info on who swims where and who with. Some Swim better than others. Some do drown, former Sheriff, D.A., La Feria Constables.

Think I’ll look at some more old files, along with GOOGLE and FACEBOOK, see if I can find a Cameron County Republican swimming around in that money pit, that you the taxpayer fills yearly. Oh yea, think the IRS has been looking for a few of those swimmers. GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, where you should be looking before every election.

Gary Thornburg
Schulenburg, TX

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