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Help Me Elect Martinez, Garcia, and Garcia

Fellow residents of La Feria:

I have lived in La Feria all my life, except for the years served in the Marine Corps.

I had the privilege to serve on the City Commission for 21 years. Over the last thirty years that Sunny Philip was City Manager, La Feria grew from a dormant community to a very vibrant, full of life city, with improved services and many amenities. Sunny with his 24/7 work ethic and impeccable reputation, respected statewide by many state agencies, gave us a City with an improved quality of life for all citizens.

I am troubled that the current city commission picked holy week to destroy and Crucify this decent family man, on the front pages of the newspaper with non-factual accusations even including a religious non-profit.

Yes, “all hell broke loose once Sunny was fired” and I ask my fellow citizens why now? All cities go through annual independent audits and most of the current sitting commissioners have served for more than three years. These Commissioners approved budgets and expenditures. But now they fired our longtime tax-collection firm, the city attorney, the city architect, city engineering firm, and several city employees. They are outsourcing the operation of our water and waste water system and are planning to outsource our trash and branch services.

At this point these missing funds are only accusations with no facts that are costing us, the citizens, large amounts of money to pay for a high-priced attorney.

Our city is at a standstill. It is time to elect new candidates who will be fiscally responsible and restore the good name of our community. Help me elect Alma Martinez, Pl. 3, lgnacio Garcia, Pl. 4 and Jessie Garcia, Jr., Pl. 5.

Thank You for your Support,
John Hernández

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One Response to Help Me Elect Martinez, Garcia, and Garcia

  1. Francisco Reply

    May 5, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    I am so glad someone finally said what everybody else is thinking about these commissioners. They are just a bunch of lazy liars that have brought to our community nothing but disgrace. They are trying so hard to discredit the previous admiration so people don’t realize how worthless and unintelligent they really all are. Also why are they bringing all these new employees and new vendors from Mercedes where the Mayor works as police chief?

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