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La Feria’s Faithful Five

La Feria’s Faithful Five – (Back l-r) Alejandra Terán, Enrique Leal IV, Jacob Cuellar
(Front l-r) Juan Cabrera III, Daniela Alejo. Photo: Special to La Feria News

Special to La Feria News

La Feria High School may have made city and state history this year by producing five graduating seniors with perfect attendance for all 12 years of school. That is 2,160 days from 1st through 12th grade! These outstanding students are as diverse as their reasons for achieving this monumental feat.

Juan Cabrera III is the son of Norma and Juan Cabrera Jr. He plans to attend UTRGV and major in Biology. His main motivation for attending school all those days was the feeling of pride and accomplishment he felt receiving a perfect attendance certificate every year.

Daniela Alejo is the daughter of Jesus and Patricia Alejo. She is set to attend STC and major in Criminal Justice/English. Daniela stated that after a few years of receiving perfect attendance, she decided to make it her personal goal to not break the streak.

Enrique “Kike” Leal IV is the son of Amy and Enrique Leal III. Initially, he kept his chosen college a secret from everyone as a prank but since has decided to continue the mystery until he arrives to orientation in mid- June. Kike said that his motivation to attend school began in Kinder when he didn’t want to miss school because of a pretty girl. After that, daily attendance just became a habit.

Jacob Cuellar is the son of Sonny and Alicia Cuellar. He plans to attend the University of Texas San Antonio and major in Computer Science. Jacob stated that his parents have always lead by example when it comes to perfect attendance and have motivated him to do the same.

Alejandra Terán, who was 2017 salutatorian, is the daughter of Melida Villarreal and Francisco Terán. She has been accepted to the University of Texas San Antonio honors program where she will pursue a degree in chemical engineering. Alejandra admitted that perfect attendance was always a personal goal but was a daily struggle, especially her senior year. She is grateful that her friends and family helped keep her on track.

All five perfect attendance students were verbally recognized at their graduation on June 2.

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