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“This and That”


It is the season for reconnecting and updating with friends and family. While some people can be happy looking back over their memories, I am one who is saddened by this reminiscing. I miss the ability to do things on my own, like taking trips, driving my car and going window shopping. I have not readily accepted my limitations and dependence on others for structuring activities for me. And I miss the winter weather in Texas.

On the other hand, I have seen more of my family in the past three years than in the past twenty. Joanna lives nearby and she and her husband, Frank, take me to a lot of events.

This year they took me on a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean, where I visited countries I had previously missed. Before that cruise began, we visited daughter Laura in Sarasota, FL. It is very difficult for me to travel now, needing full time assistance and physical care.

Also this year, daughter Laura and her husband Dave visited me in August. Joanna’s son, Nikolas, came from Pittsburgh to see me as well.

Joanna and Frank take me to all of the live broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera in Traverse City or in Manistee, where they live (each town is about 30 miles away), plus other events in the area such as concerts and celebration dinners. Interlochen Academy is close by and the student and professional performers provide numerous opportunities for outings throughout the year. I enjoy attending movies and plays with Joanna and Frank, despite my inability to hear and comprehend all of the dialogue. We also have dinner together frequently.

At home I enjoy my long time passion of reading; we also have Bingo and three tasty meals a day where my pleasant fellow residents gather.

Most noteworthy is that my health remains very good! I rely on a walker, but otherwise I don’t visit the doctor or suffer from ailments other than the universal concern of everyone over age 45: back pain.


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