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Feeding My Dog at Night

By Addisyn Lowry

I would like to tell you how I fed my dog last night. Now, before you skip ahead thinking this is going to be a boring old tale, let me assure you it is not. During the day feeding my dog is simple. Take the bowls outside, put food in one and water in the other, bring the bowls in, and done. But that is not the story I am telling you. Today I am telling you the story of how I fed my dog last night.
As I strayed from my path into the wild backyard, I heard buzzing and I saw rustling in the bushes very near. I crept slowly and silently with the bowls shaking in my trembling hands. I suddenly remembered the tale of the beast who fed upon pet food. This beast is known as the cockroach.
As I approached the hose of everlasting waters, and as I filled the water bowl, I saw a quick flash of movement near the light above. Wa? Flap! Flap! Splash! AHHHHHH! Thank goodness, it was only a moth, the cockroach’s minion. I picked up the bowl I had dropped and filled it again. The moth, however, probably went to tell the cockroach I was near. I decided to put the bowl inside the house before I dropped it again.
I journeyed inside, put the water bowl down, and went back to the jungle, still holding the food bowl.
I opened the food can and there it was waiting for me, eating the dog food, and petting the moth by its side. The cockroach. I dropped the bowl with a loud clang and quickly grabbed a sword (a Nerf one, but still particularly useful). The lid of the can transformed into a shield as I grabbed it too. But before I could strike, the moth attacked me. I tried to hit it, but it was too fast for me. The cockroach laughed the whole time.
Then a fire started inside me. I would not let my dog starve tonight. I bravely put on my war face and hit the moth with a Wham!
The moth was history.
The cockroach looked surprised at first but then smiled as I said, “I guess it’s just you and me.”
“Go ahead try and kill me,” it said.
I tried to stab it but it ran so fast it made me dizzy. I said, “Fight back!” but it rose into the air. I said, “Never mind. Just run! Run!”
I stabbed into the dog food a bit more until I remembered I could trap it. I quickly closed the lid and hit, shook, and kicked the food can with all my might. By the time I opened the can lid it was crawling around much slower, half dead.
I picked it up on my sword, yelled, “Batter up!” and slung it to the wall. It bounced off and slowly crawled away on two legs.
I think I’ll leave it to the birds to eat it, I thought to myself. I scooped the food, closed the lid, and took the bowl inside.
My dog would not starve tonight.

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