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Hurricane Preparedness For Families

Start now with a plan, assemble hurricane ‘go bag’

Pre-hurricane preparedness is key as we enter what forecasters are calling an above-average hurricane season.
Storms can intensify and change course quickly, leading to depleted essential supplies. Stocking up on water, food and other necessities and having an emergency exit plan are prudent.
“Do not wait until the last minute to purchase supplies and plan for an extended storm event,” said Monty Dozier, Ph.D., program director for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Disaster Assessment and Recovery unit. “Hurricanes can have immediate and lasting impacts in a variety of ways. There is the potential for damage or flash flooding. It also could take several days before power is restored or the storm could create logistical disruptions that affect your ability to purchase food and fuel.”

Hurricane kit for the family
A good hurricane kit for the family should include:

Water for five to seven days.
Nonperishable food items.
First-aid supplies.
Flashlights and extra batteries.
External battery chargers.
Medications in their original containers.
Important documents — emergency information, family contacts.
Pet supplies.
Baby formula.

Home and property preparation
Hurricane preparation is especially important for residents along the Gulf Coast. Securing windows with plywood and inspecting the structural integrity of the roof and walls can help protect homes during storms.
Flood insurance should be a consideration for homeowners, but it is critical to know what your policy does and does not cover before the storm ever hits.

Have an evacuation plan
Evacuation routes are an important consideration leading up to a hurricane. Purchase or print out any necessary maps to avoid relying on smartphones or GPS that might be rendered ineffective during a hurricane.
Create a list of relocation options outside the area that could be impacted, whether it is hotels/motels, family or friends.
“Have steps outlined that will help your family be prepared should a storm make its way to your area,” Dozier said.

Stay safe, stay informed
Stay up to date with forecasts and hurricane projections before an event and local conditions after. Up-to-the-minute information from local news, weather apps and the National Hurricane Center can help you make smart decisions and stay safe.
Dozier recommends using caution in keeping yourself and your family safe.
“When a flooding event occurs, do not cross flooded roadways and remember ‘turnaround and don’t drown,’” he said.

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