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14 year-old hero honored in Santa Rosa

By Nandy Ekle
Bradley Garza, 14-year-old eighth grade french horn player for the Marching Warrior Band in Santa Rosa, was honored at the Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday night, February 11.
On January 11, 2021, at 4:45 A.M., Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department received a 911 call reporting a raging fire in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones who are Garza’s grandparents. According to the teen, his mother’s scream woke him and he realized the house was on fire. The young man, his siblings, his mother, and his grandfather escaped the building safely. However, Jones announced that his wife, Garza’s grandmother, was still locked inside her room. Garza immediately ran to the back of the house. There he found a collapsed roof, trapping his grandmother. He pushed through the fiery wall and was able to guide his grandmother, Anna Maria Jones from the scene, thereby avoiding injury and saving her life.
During the ceremony, arranged by the Santa Rosa Fire Department, Young Mr. Garza was presented with a Good Citizenship Award certificate by Cameron County Clerk, Sylvia Garza-Perez, in recognition of his bravery, his valiance, and his heroism in the rescue of his grandmother from the burning building. He was, likewise, presented with a wooden plaque sporting a fire fighting helmet by the Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department.
Jones stated his wife is bedridden and the boy saved her from the fire. The family of eight now resides in a hotel room while looking for a new home. However, this has not been an easy task as a family of eight is considered a large family. He would like to see the children continue their educations in the Santa Rosa school system, but may have to look elsewhere for a suitable home.
When asked about life goals, Garza answered he has not considered a future in fire fighting. However, he enjoys studying law.

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