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Cheers to 100 Years!

By Emilio Flores & Emilia Contreras
La Feria News

Today we celebrate one of La Feria’s own, Guadalupe Gonzales Sanchez, known to family and friends as Lupita. Born on January 19th, 1922, this week Lupita turns 100 years old!

La Feria News had the honor of speaking with her daughter Esther Vento and got to experience a little bit of the joy and warmth that Lupita shares with her loved ones. Kind and charismatic, Lupita illuminates the lives of all who meet her. Whether animals or people, Lupita is a friend to all! “There’s no stranger in her path,” says Esther, “She greets everybody with her beautiful smile.”

One of the many ways Lupita spreads cheer is through the gift of song. Her family loves to hear her sing, especially her favorite song “Un Dia la Vez.” Her daughter says even to this day, Lupita can be heard singing the beautiful lyrics,

“One day at a time, my God
and that’s what I ask of you
give me the strength to live
one day at a time”

These lyrics have carried Lupita through her many years as the anthem of her heart, harmonious with her humble, determined, and kind spirit. It is determination and hard work that has made Lupita the wonderful woman that she is today.

As a young girl, she often worked all day in the fields picking cotton with her Dad, and in the evenings helped prepare dinner with her Mom. Although she didn’t always have steady schooling, Lupita’s diligent and social personality enabled her to learn all that she could and more. Whether inside or outside the classroom, she knew that learning never stopped. She is very intelligent, fluently bilingual, and full of wisdom. Her loved ones describe her as quick, witty, and always full of jokes!

Esther says that on Lupita’s 95th birthday, she decided right then and there that she would live to be 100 years old. Through her strength and determination, Lupita did just that, un dia la vez!

“Guadalupe Gonzales Sanchez, a most loving remarkable woman (with) such admiration for God.” A devout catholic, her mission in life has been to show others the unfailing love and kindness of her Heavenly Father. Her favorite saying is “Dios delante y nosotros de atrás.”

As sweet as her heart might be, her tooth is sweeter! Lupita’s childlike spirit shines through at the dinner table where she is always eager to skip her meal and get to dessert! An incredible cook and talented baker, Lupita would go on baking sprees! Her daughter says she remembers sometimes there would be pastries, cookies, and pies everywhere!
Of course, being such a kind and generous woman, Lupita shares with her whole family! Her little nephew even gets excited at the buttery smell of “tia’s tortillas!”

A strong sense of family commitment and love are the values that Lupita ensures will be passed down in her family from generation to generation. Lupita has been a blessing to many and those who know her are genuinely thankful for her kindness and friendship. Her daughter states, “We are truly blessed by our mom who taught us the love of God and for us to love one another and that kindness is the best act in life.”

So, from all of La Feria, Congratulations and Happy Birthday Lupita!

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