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First of Many New Subdivisions

Ribbon Cutting for Brooks Estate Subdivision

Chief Phinney welcomes all the new residents into La Feria as family, Oscar Zarate to his left. Photo was taken by Emilio Flores.

La Feria, TX. — On Wednesday, August 10th, Oscar Zarate with Zarate homes and design, hosted the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Brooks Estate subdivision.

As mentioned back in February, Brooks Estate will be facilitating 121 new homes alone. Zarate has been bringing in several subdivisions including townhouses on N 506, the Bridge estates subdivision, along with others.

Zarate says “Something else we want to do here, is also, control the market…”
“Sell the right prices,” “Not just undersell or oversell.”

Chief Phinney, for the Fire department, shared that he sees the mighty growth happening in La Feria.
“I’m not from here either,” he says, “but this is a great little town. It’s one of those well-kept secrets, but not for much longer.” Phinney says.

Chief shares that there are over 500 new homes coming to La Feria just this year.
“That’s something to be extremely proud of.”

Chief Phinney also shares that the department is looking for a close partnership, which Zarate has held to. “We are looking for family,” Phinney says.

Oscar Zarate shares that Brooks Estate Subdivision has already sold around 85 percent of its lots before they have even built a single home. One of them being a member of the La Feria City Council’s home.

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