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Our Winter Visitors Are Going Home

But La Feria will keep the light on

Bill Keltner

It is that time of year again. Spring has sprung and temperatures are beginning to moderate up North, and it’s tax time. That is the signal for all our northern visitors to load up, head’em up and light out for the Upper Midwest and Canada. Those are the areas where they live when they are not Winter Texans. We’ll miss them.

La Feria has always had a love affair with our winter visitors. They have been described as the “volunteer generation.” They blend in as volunteers in local events like the Christmas parade and Fiesta La Feria. They support the local police and fire departments. They take part in so many winter events.. And they welcome the public to their arts and crafts shows, dances and Blue Grass Jamborees.

They are so much a part of our local scene during the Fall and Winter months that we want to give them a royal sendoff. LA FERIA NEWS met with La Feria City Manager Jaime Sandoval for his comments on the visitors and how the city looks forward to welcoming them back later this year.

Winter Texan ladies stitch dolls for children in hospitals

Sandoval first wished the visitors who winter with us each year, “Happy Trails” on the trip back home, then spoke on behalf of the citizens and the city administration of La Feria:

Sandoval said: “On behalf of the Mayor and City Commissioners, I want to thank our winter visitor friends for choosing our wonderful city of La Feria as their winter home,” he said, and continued: “Thank you for your time, talents and treasure. Thank you for your countless hours of volunteerism during your stay at our local hospitals, schools, and churches.

Thank you for the positive impact you have on our local economy–from shopping our local stores to patronizing our many restaurants and gasoline stations.

Winter Texans bring Blue Grass music to the Valley

We thank you for your enthusiastic participation in our local parades and festivals.

Again, we appreciate our winter visitors choosing our wonderful city of La Feria as your winter destination.”

And, finally, “We hope you have a safe trip home and a wonderful summer, and we will look forward to see you once again in the fall.”

Happy Trails! We’ll leave the light on for you.

City Manager Jaime Sandoval thanks our winter visitors

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