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Origami Owl Jewelry

Reva Ayala represents Origami Owl – Her company designs custom jewelry and lockets. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

New Business attracts thousands

Bill Keltner

The Origami Owl Jewelry Company began in 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, and has grown from a table-top, hobby business to a nation-wide organization with 70,000 designers in the United States and Canada. Quite an achievement for a five-year old company.

La Feria Chamber of Commerce member, Reva Ayala, joined the custom jewelry company in December, 2015 just for fun. “I wanted some extra income, and wanted to earn a vacation cruise they were offering,” she said. “Besides, I love jewelry. The Origami Owl program was just right for me.”

Ayala said that the money was good, and she got her extra income, and also her cruise reward for sales excellence. “I could see that I wanted to grow with the company; I worked hard, and now have my own team of 30 jewelry designers and two team leaders working with me here in the Valley,” she said. “I have now moved up to the position of Executive Team Leader.”

The fast-moving custom jewelry company was the product of the fertile mind of l4-year-old Bella Weems-Lambert who began making jewelry gifts for her friends and fellow students in school. People liked her work and demanded more. She was soon joined by her mother, Chrissy Weems, company CEO, who had a lot of business savvy, and the rest is history. They founded the custom jewelry organization, and it grew to what it is today.

Co-founder Bella Weems said, “When I started Origami Owl, my goal was to earn enough money to buy a car. My focus is now about making a difference in people’s lives, by helping them reach their financial dreams by inspiring people to launch their own Origami Owl business.

Ayala said, “My team members have fun and enjoy what we do.” She invited others to launch their own Origami Owl custom Jewelry business. “All you need is to love jewelry, and be passionate about designing custom lockets,” she said. “We supply what you need. You can earn extra income, and win vacation cruises and other incentive gifts the company offers.”

.For information about Origami Owl custom jewelry, call Reva Ayala at 956 893 3488 or email

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