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FOOD BANK Visit Welcomed in La Feria

RGV FOOD BANK workers Rogelio de Leon and Juani Aguilar distribute food to local needy citizens. Photos: Bill Keltner/LFN

Hurricane Harvey refugees among those helped

Bill Keltner

The always welcome trucks of The FOOD BANK of the Rio Grande Valley made their monthly visit to help our qualified, needy citizens. But, this time, the numbers swelled as uprooted, hurricane survivors from the devastated areas of Houston and the upper Texas coast joined the lines of Valley folks desperately needing the food baskets generously doled out to needy local citizens every month. As usual, the La Feria American Legion Post 439 opened their doors to the RGV FOOD BANK people to provide a place to do their charity work. That work consists of feeding often hungry, desperate people who somehow slipped through the services of the established charities available.

FOOD BANK workers, Rogelio de Leon and Juani Aguilar of Edinburg, cheerfully put baskets of food supplies into the cars and pickup trucks of many who have come to depend on these donations. De Leon put his work into words when he said, “We put smiles on the faces of hungry children and their families—It’s a labor of love we do.”

De Leon said the non-profit FOOD BANK has become the major Valley-wide distribution center for a federally-funded program known as the Commodities Supplemental food Program (CSFP). They also get foods donated by USDA, HEB Supermarkets, Walmart and Target stores and other sources.

“It is in realty an ‘emergency pantry’ for local people who are hungry, perhaps homeless. Some are diagnosed sick, others having lost their job, and now, hurricane Harvey, and other natural disaster victims. They all are in desperate shape, through no fault of their own.”

LOCAL needy people being served by FOOD BANK.

The RGV FOOD BANK passes out food every day somewhere to needy people in Hidalgo, Willacy, and Cameron counties.

“We set up distribution points in public parks, churches, parking lots, and in this case, the American Legion Post in La Feria,” he said.

How do I feel about the work I do?

“Well, let me tell you,” de Leon said, “The people really need it—It feels good to help them out.”

The fact is that every week the RGV FOOD BANK provides food to people who would otherwise go hungry. This is especially true about the children they feed regularly.

Donated nutritious food being distributed by FOOD BANK.

“Sometimes, it’s a matter of paying bills, the rent or eating. If it weren’t for school lunch programs, many kids would not get healthy, nourishing food. In the summer when there is no school, the FOOD BANK gets food to the kids.”

Anyone interested in the work of the FOOD BANK of the Rio Grande Valley, or would like to volunteer or join their work in any way, can call (956) 682 8101

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