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Bullying Topic of Special Presentation

Cameron County Sheriff’s Office Rep Speaks to La Feria Parents

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

Within the past several decades, the topic of bullying has become more prominent in society. Students are constantly warned about bullying and told how they should handle situations involving harassment and the possibility of violence. But perhaps the solution for bullying does not lie in students – but in authority figures such as parents.

In an effort to educate about the signs and effects of bullying, the Cameron County sheriff’s office has organized an initiative that sends representatives into schools to speak to students and staff about the epidemic that is taking the country by storm.

On Wednesday, January 10, Communication Liaison Officer for the Cameron County Sheriff’s office, Richard Lee Uribe, spoke at La Feria High School to a different crowd- a room full of parents. Uribe focuses on making parents aware of what to look for in their children regarding the signs and effects of bullying, as well as how to help their children if they are victims.

“The topic of bullying is very important due to the fact that many kids are dying because of it. I feel that the more I can discuss this with parents, it would deter that and keep that from happening here in the valley,” said Uribe.

Bullying can be physical, verbal or social and more recently has moved to cyberspace. Through the use of blogs, e-mail, social networking sites and texting, cyber-bullying has proven to be extremely damaging since it follows the victim wherever they go. While schools all across the nation are launching anti-bullying policies, they are not the only ones attempting to combat this problem. Many states have passed laws against bullying; for example, in Texas, the senate recently passed David’s Law. The law is named for David Molak, a 16-year-old sophomore from San Antonio, TX who committed suicide after being cyber-bullied by students at his high school. David’s Law, which was passed in 2017, allows schools to work with law enforcement when serious or life-threatening cyber-bullying situations arise.

For parents it is important to tune into their children’s lives; if there is a threat of real violence, parents should not be afraid to involve the school or, if the situation warrants, the police. Everyday bullying is claiming the lives of children all over the country, but for people like Uribe it is difficult to stand and allow this to happen.

“Bullying has been around for a long time but if we can try to curve it more now, then we won’t have as many kids committing suicide or acts of violence because of it.”

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