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LFISD Students Compete at 85th Annual RGVLS

Western Art
Maya Munoz-1st Place
Landon Cantu-1st Place
Jr. Breeding Gilts
Catalina Ontiveros- 7th place Yorkshire
Jr. Breeding AOB Cattle
Justin Alfaro- 3rd Place Junior Show, 2nd place Open Show
Bryan Rodriguez-6th Place Junior Show, 5th Place Open Show
Caylee Reyes- 2nd place Jr. Show, 3rd Open Show
Jr. Breeding ARB Cattle
Azayel Mendoza-2nd Place Junior show
Jr. Breeding Sheep
Bryan Rodriguez- 2nd Place
Brandon Rodriguez- 1st in class and Reserve Breed Champion
Bryanah Rodriguez – 1st in class
Market Hogs
Kristen Hinojosa – 2nd place Duroc
Lauren Hinojosa-9th Place Light OPB
Catalina Ontiveros 1st Place in Class and Breed Champion Dark OPB
Justin Alfaro- 2nd Place Light Cross
Harley Alfaro – 2nd Place Dark Cross
Brandie Rodriguez – 15th in class
Melanie Villarreal – 15th in class
Yuleyna Vela – 15th in class
Market Goats
Danielle Villarrea -12th in class
Janelle Cardona- 9th in class
Finn Moore -12th in class
Alyssa Rodriguez -10th in class
Market Lambs
Angelina Rodriguez 7th in class Southdown
Bryan Rodriguez 6th in class Fine Wool Cross
Brandon Rodriguez 12th in class
Brandie Rodriguez 12th in class
Landon Cantu -5th in class
Justin Alfaro – 1st in class
Harley Alfaro -1st in class
Shop Projects
Janelle Cardona, Angelina Rodriguez, Melanie Villarreal – Excellent Rating and 1st place BBQ Pit Trailers
under 10ft.
Finn Moore- Excellent Rating and 2nd place Wildlife Equipment
Justin Nino- Excellent Rating and 1st Place Metal Art
Mark Parvin – Excellent Rating and 2nd place Shop Equipment
Mason Parvin – Excellent Rating and 3rd place Shop Equipment

The following students received Excellent or Good ratings for their projects
Julissa Atkinson
Michael Cavazos
Kayleen Flores
Samantha Flores
Victor Flores
Emily Garza
Kathia Hernandez
David Ramos
Juan Mena
Brandon Menchaca
Summer Moore
Valeria Morua
Miah Munoz
Aaron Nino
Justin Nino
Mark Parvin
Mason Parvin
Caylee Reyes
Anna Torres
La Feria FFA also managed to receive the High Point Chapter Award for the Shop Project Division
Robert Salazar, the Agricultural Sciences Teacher and FFA Advisor says the following concerning his FFA kids:
Our students’ results were a result of the dedication they showed to their projects. These students dont just work hard the week of the show, but for months and months leading up to it. I am proud to see that they and others were able to see the results of their hardwork.
Great job to all that participated in the 85th Annual Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show!

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