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Once Popular La Feria Hot Spot Reopens Its Doors

Lannie’s reopens after 18 years. L to R- Janeth Rojo (waitstaff), Maythe Reyna (waitstaff), Sylvia Ford (owner), Sylvia Rodriguez (waitstaff) and sitting is Saul Reyna (cook). Photos: Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

Eighteen years ago, La Feria suffered a loss when the popular bar known as Lannie’s closed its doors. On Thursday, Feb. 1, the once popular La Feria hot spot reopened as Lannie’s Honky Tonk Restaurant and More. Owner, Patty Flores, says that she and her husband, Manuel, along with her aunt, Sylvia Ford, decided it was time to bring back what people were still talking about 18 years later.

Aside from Mexican food, Lannie’s Honky Tonk Restaurant and More also offers a variety of foods like burgers, T-bone steaks and salads and even has a lunch buffet. According to Flores, customers are really enjoying everything the establishment has to offer and she looks forward to the future, particularly the next three months. “Nobody [referring to new businesses] makes it over three months, right now our very immediate short term goal is to make it three months and a day and be able to celebrate that we made it over the three months that everyone else has not been able to surpass.”

Flores hopes customers also enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. She hopes for customers to be able to come in and remember the original Lannie’s. For her, this new business is not about the money coming through the door, but about friends and being able to mix new memories with the old.

“We don’t just want to focus on bringing back who we had in the past, but also incorporating that with the new customers, those who never heard of Lannie’s, who were maybe to young when it was open back then and are now able to come in and experience what their parents or their grandparents experienced when they went to Lannie’s.”

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