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Texas Lady Spartans Struck Down but Not Destroyed

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

On Saturday, March 3, the Texas Lady Spartans faced off against the Texas Wonder Women at the Veterans Memorial Sports Complex in La Feria. This game marked the Spartans’ first home game of the season and is the first game in the history of the Xtreme Female Football League to be played in La Feria.

“We [Spartans] are excited! Excited to be in La Feria, excited to play and excited to bring something new to La Feria,” said team captain, Kathy Meyer.

While the Spartans were defeated, they intend to keep going and come back with a vengeance.

“We have made it this far by taking many leaps of faith and hard work. We played hard and left it all on the field. We will only gain strength and courage as our season continues,” said Meyer.

Coach Jason Camacho says that while the girls are improving, the shortage of players prevents the team from reaching their full potential. The 15 girls that currently make up the Spartans, however, continue to work hard and push forward.

“We get stronger and better with every game and practice. Spartan strong in small numbers- one day we will rise!”

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