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Fun with Etiquette: Parents and Etiquette


Dear Ms. Etiquette,
I went to a function this past weekend where there were many children along with their parents. I noticed that some children were so well behaved while others were rude and unruly. What is up with parents and etiquette?
Mom with well behaved children

Dear Ms. Mom,
You sound like a strict but loving parent who has the best interest of your children at heart. Many parents like you are loving as well and spend endless hours teaching their children skills like reading, speaking, and tying their shoes. Children look up to parents and usually emulate them in everything including their behavior. They watch your every move in an effort to be “just like you.”

Children that are ill behaved may have parents with bad tempers or have a habit of yelling or shouting, etc. The best way to teach your children etiquette is to demonstrate good manners yourself.

Here are some do’s and don’ts everyone can post on their refrigerator door:

  1. Always say please and thank you.
  2. Be responsible for your words and actions.
  3. Be polite when answering the phone, tell don’t yell.
  4. Keep your room tidy.
  5. Pick up after yourself.
  6. Do not leave your dirty dishes for others to clean up.
  7. Assist with family chores.
  8. Learn proper table manners and use them.
  9. Turn off the television at mealtime and when company is present.
  10. Agree to disagree courteously.
  11. Speak don’t shout.
  12. Be willing to share.
  13. Be a good listener.
  14. Do not open a closed door without knocking.
  15. Respect others’ privacy.
  16. Do not eavesdrop, snoop, or read others’ mail.
  17. Treat others’ property with respect.
  18. Don’t take others’ belongings without asking
  19. Be kind to yourself and others.
  20. Practice patience.
  21. Leave things nicer than the way you found them.
  22. Think before you speak.
  23. Leave the toilet seat down.
Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott is the owner of Fun With Etiquette. Call her at 956-492-4762 for more information. Website: e-Mail her at: [email protected]

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