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La Feria Schools on ‘High-Alert” as Authorities Search for Illegals

A routine traffic stop for an expired sticker by La Feria police turned into a muddy situation fast after eight people stuffed into a 4-door blue Jeep Cherokee fled from police. The occupants, who turned out to be illegals, were chased by officers westbound on Dodd Lane and then they tried drive on the canal bank. The soggy bank got the vehicle stuck and almost caused it to turn over.


As the suspects scattered to the nearby corn fields, area schools were notified and put on “high-alert” as the men could have tried to hide in the area.

With the assistance of Border Patrol and a helicopter, all but one of the suspects was captured, according to La Feria Officer Frank Rivera. He said no drugs or weapons were found in the abandoned vehicle.

The jeep is registered to a McAllen owner and the investigation is continuing.

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