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What’s your etiquette I.Q.?


Dear Readers,
I know this is a repeat, but I couldn’t help but print it again. How many of you actually know the answers? Call me for a session if they stump you, so go ahead, test your E.Q.

  1. Whose name is mentioned first in an introduction? Who Stands?
  2. Should a man wait for a woman to extend her hand first?
  3. Why is your name badge worn on the right?
  4. How is a married, female doctor, addressed socially?
  5. Should a woman ever use “Mrs.” in business?
  6. If your knife falls on the floor in a restaurant, should you pick it up? In someone’s home?
  7. How soon should a thank you note be sent? May it be faxed or e-mailed?
  8. What does “…and family” mean on an invitation?
  9. Should you inform guests when extending an invitation, there will be “no smoking?”
  10. May you ask for an ashtray, if you don’t see one?
  11. Is a thank you note necessary for a hostess gift?
  12. Should a woman put lipstick on at the table?
  13. Why are there sometimes two utensils above the dinner plate?
  14. At a crowded dinner table, how do you know which is your water glass?
  15. Where do you place your napkin, if you have to leave the table during dinner?
  16. If being served an hors d’oeuvre on a toothpick, from a waiter’s tray, what should you do with the toothpick?
  17. Is it ever appropriate for the hostess to make a toast? Should you raise your glass to toast, even if you don’t drink alcohol?
  18. Should you begin eating as soon as you are served?
  19. How can you tell when a dinner meeting is over?
  20. What does the word etiquette mean to you?
  21. Would you break any rule of etiquette to make someone else feel comfortable?
  22. If handed a wine cork, what should you do with it?
  23. As a guest in a private club, when is it appropriate to leave a tip?
  24. What is a speech tic?
  25. When is it appropriate to shake hands? Hug or kiss?

Common everyday courtesies is part of what I teach. A basic knowledge of social and/or business etiquette can be your ticket to confidence and success. Use etiquette rules as guidelines. Without guidelines, life would be chaotic and in some situations even barbaric!

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott is the owner of Fun With Etiquette. Call her at 956-492-4762 for more information. Website: e-Mail her at: [email protected]

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