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Calling All School Board Candidates

I have been anxiously waiting to find out any information about the candidates running for the LFISD School Board. We were expecting that each candidate would at least submit a profile page outlining their views to the LF News. It is my hope the newspaper is still planning on publishing the candidates’ bios and platforms. Even though early voting will begin on October 20, 2014, community members haven’t had the chance to compare each candidate before making a well informed decision on Election Day. Considering that these candidates are running for a 4-year term, voters must make the best informed decision they can. Perhaps the sponsoring by the paper of a public debate between the candidates could happen before the elections. As patrons of the district, we should be diligent in making sure that each candidate has the qualifications to do the job honorably and impartially. We don’t need individuals who have no experience, may not be qualified, or are running for the wrong reasons or interests of select power players. Let’s work together to make sure that we are electing individuals who are willing and qualified to move LFISD in the right direction.

– Yosef Mughrabi

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