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Incorrect Date on Centennial Photo

Please forgive me, but the dates on some of your LF centennial photos can’t be right.

The shot on p. 2 of LFN V92 #1 had to be taken around 1925; probably nearer 1930. You say the picture is from 1912, but I don’t think that’s possible.

The car in that picture is too distant to identify positively, but the overall shape of the front end tells me that it’s around a 1925 model. And it probably wasn’t brand-new when the picture was taken.

Here’s another shot from that same era, with the hotel in the foreground:


Click for larger image


I think all these pictures were taken in the mid 1920s, not 1912.

Other than that, I’m enjoying your centennial writeups and look forward to more.


Michael Lamm, Publisher
Lamm-Morada Inc.

Editor’s Note: No apologies needed, Mr. Lamm. We’re culling material for our Centennial Celebration features from scattered and incomplete resources that the newspaper’s archive has collected over the last few years. Bad scans of bad photocopies of photographs in some cases! We really appreciate your input and encourage our readers to continue to share their information, stories and photos with us! 

Our online readers can email us as well!

Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to help us clarify as we continue to explore La Feria’s storied past throughout this new year.

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