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Parking Meters

In 1951 Bill Edgar (a senior) was getting a hair cut on his lunch hour from school. He was in a hurry to get back to school and didn’t notice any thing in the back seat of his car. While he was getting his hair cut some of his high school “buddies” pulled one of the parking meters out of the cement and put it in the back of Bill’s car.

Later, while Bill was in class, officer Jake Cane, the principal and Bill’s father (Rev. Paul Edgar) appeared. They took him out of class and to his surprise showed him the meter. He knew that it was a joke and so did the gentlemen. They were laughing.

The meters were removed not long after that. I guess they figured that it would be more expensive to refill the holes than to just take them out.

I think Bill knew who his “buddies” were and if you are still around you also know who you are.

– Jenell Edgar
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