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Taking Time to Make Time

Grace Heritage Ranch

Every day it’s the same old routine: get up, get ready, feed the animals, try to avoid stepping on the cat, accidentally step on his tail anyway, treat your scratch wounds, and rush off to work. Arrive, go through the motions, run your errands, and head back home. Clean the house, make supper, get everyone ready for the next day, and collapse in bed. In between all this is yelling and rushing and hectic bustling.

When was the last time on your drive to work that you actually stopped to look at the sunrise? I’m not suggesting you do this while you’re actively driving of course; please gaze responsibly. Yet how often we go rushing on with life, trying to keep ahead of it, and never pausing to live in it.


On the ranch it’s so easy to get caught up in all the projects that need to be done. There is an endless list of necessary tasks. At the end of the day, did you even appreciate all that you have worked for? If you let things become routine, will you even have any memories to look back on someday, or will you only have a grey haze of schedules and chores?

I’m not saying throw away the schedules, but rather just take a few moments during the day to appreciate all you’re working for. Stop for two minutes and pet the dog who keeps seeking your attention, or stop for three minutes when you’re tilling the garden and just absorb the beauty of the land where you live. You will never catch up with all the work to be done, so you must stay diligent and focused. But you will also never get this time back. No person knows what will happen tomorrow. How did you live today?

To learn even more and get hands-on experience, join us at Grace Heritage Ranch for our Saturday morning tours. We are located just 30 minutes northeast of Harlingen, TX near Santa Monica. Please visit us at or . For a recorded message, please call 1-855-447-8687. We offer both public and private tours.

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