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Ride That Ram!

Grace Heritage Ranch

Every week now we drenched the goats at GHR with a natural dewormer, and that means the sheep need it too. And if the sheep need it, that includes the ram. Dundee is our resident Jacob sheep ram, and he would like you to know that he most certainly does not want to take any kind of drenching solution. In fact, don’t even touch him. You may, however, feel free to gaze upon his handsomeness from a distance. Nevertheless, Dundee had to take his dewormer, so off the family goes to round him up. He’s not mean, but you can’t really walk up to him and hold him, so we had to catch him.

He is currently in a one acre pasture with one of the ewes, so the smaller space helped to keep him from running too far. After a bit of herding, we got him in a corner, but couldn’t close in fast enough.

I saw him turn and run at me, and all I could think of was knees snapping and bending in a way they shouldn’t. When a ram runs, he puts his head down in line with his back, picks up speed, and he is going THROUGH. There wasn’t time to plan or move, so I bent forward, leaned in, and kind of fell on/let him run under me. I then held his back wool and grabbed onto the fence while one of the boys got the shepherd’s crook under him. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Once Dundee knows he can’t go anywhere though, he calms down and you can hold him by his collar or horns. We are very thankful to God that nobody got hurt and Dundee took his herbal deworming drench with no problems. Now we get to do it all again next week!

To learn even more and get hands-on experience, join us at Grace Heritage Ranch for our Saturday morning tours. We are located just 30 minutes northeast of Harlingen, TX near Santa Monica. Please visit us at or . For a recorded message, please call 1-855-447-8687. We offer both public and private tours.


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