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Our Ladies in Blue

Police Chief Cesar Diaz with three of our ladies in blue. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

The Force Behind the Force

Bill Keltner

The officers of the La Feria Police Department patrol our streets and enforce the law to protect and maintain law and order for our citizens. But there is another force rarely seen behind the scenes. They are the “ladies in Blue” supporting the men on patrol.

To learn more about these indispensable ladies in the police department, LA FERIA NEWS met with Police Chief Cesar Rene Diaz. What he said will be of interest to you.

The La Feria Police Department now has three certified, well-experienced Police Dispatchers the chief said, “and they make a tremendous resource for the officers.”

“Let me explain their value this way,” the Chief said, adding, “the volunteer fire fighters form a thin red line designed to protect our citizens against fire and medical emergencies. The police force forms a thin blue line of defense against crime and lawbreakers. They are both very visible as they do their jobs.”

Then the Chief described the thinnest line that lies between the police and the firemen. That is a thin gold line that represents those who are rarely seen, but mostly heard. They are that calm voice in the dark of night when you call the police emergency 911 number.

They are the Police Dispatchers. “They are the golden glue that holds it all together,” he said.

La Feria Police Dispatchers Erica Cabrera, Eliza M. Rodriguez, Erica Mendoza.

Police Dispatcher Eliza M. Rodriguez is the supervisor of the three lady dispatchers and two male dispatchers. She just received “the Outstanding Dispatcher of the Year 2017” award for her work. Rodriguez has a total of 15 years with the La Feria Police Department. Six years of that experience was as a patrolman. She currently holds the rank of Sergeant and serves as Warrant Officer and Bailiff when called on.

Dispatcher Erica Cabrera says she loves her job as Police Dispatcher. When asked about her attraction to law enforcement, she said, “I love the excitement of the job—not knowing what the next moment will hold. I like meeting people and helping them in difficult, sometimes extreme, situations.”

Dispacher Erica Mendoza says she got into police work because it just seemed natural for me. How So? “Before my 7 years with the LFPD, I was with the La Feria Volunteer Fire Department,” she said. “As a fire fighter, I got to learn the radio communication techniques between the La Feria Fire Department and the La Feria Police Department. So, when the opportunity opened up, I took it—I love the work.”

Police Chief Diaz said “these ladies are behind the scenes, and don’t get the recognition they deserve. I can tell you the male police officers respect dispatchers because they have their back. They call in back-up assistance, ambulances, fire trucks, or other agencies.

Their calm, controlled voice on the phone when everything is coming apart, helps others maintain composure and act in the best manner when faced with tense, stressful, high risk situations.

These ladies are rarely seen, but mostly heard. So, now you can put a face on that calm reassuring voice you may hear in the dark of night.

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