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Shrdlu the Office Cat In the gutter

Shrdlu our Office Cat is on vacation this week. He’s drying out. Just as we put on a new roof the other day, Shrdlu was seen dashing for a corner on the top of the building when a shower came up. The new roof didn’t leak, but Shrdlu suddenly was missing.

After searching in the rain for quite a while, we almost gave up the hunt when we heard a faint meowing coming from somewhere. It sounded as though the cat cry was in the wall. Then we discovered it came from the gutter drain on the side of the building. We discovered, too the gutter drain wouldn’t work. No water was coming out.

There was only one conclusion to be made. The water wouldn’t come out because the drain was stopped up. Something was clogging the drain, and that something must be Shrdlu. It was.

After a while, as we sought a can opener to get him out with the water pressure in the drain became so great that it pushed our Office Cat right out into the gutter.

We started to leave him there but on second thought we took him home and for nearly a week now, he’s been lying in a hammock – drying out.

This installment of Shrdlu our Office Cat ran in the September 2, 1948 issue of La Feria News.

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