La Feria News

Shrdlu the Office Cat Still Fishing

Shrdlu our Office Cat is still a-fishin’ this week. You’ll remember, we allowed him time off to go a-fishin’ so he would get to feeling better, get a better outlook on things. Well, apparently it worked, for he came home looking sun-burned, redder than usual, and mighty cunning. He asked for a second week on the Gulf.

After quizzing him, he admitted he didn’t have to go back for his health, but, he meowed wickedly, “I want lots of fish. I hate dogs. Dogs eat fish. They get choked on the bones. I want lots of fish to feed the neighborhood dogs. They keep me up a tree all the time.”

Shrdlu doesn’t know that we like dogs. When he brings home the fish, you can guess who’ll get them. Not the dogs. We like fish, and dogs, too.

This installment of Shrdlu our Office Cat ran in the October 14, 1948 issue of La Feria News.


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