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A Beauty Within and a Legacy in Her Own Right

That name… Ginny Drawe… generates a plethora of words, metaphors, and similes. Just ask any of the 892 kindergarten students who passed through her door.

Each would offer similar stories, but then again, each would have a very personal story or stories to tell.

Which zoo animal were you? Who was your dance partner for “Beauty and the Beast” ? Do you remember all those songs we sang?

The final production of “Be Our Guest” took place at the C.E. Vail Elementary Auditorium, Monday night, May 25th, at 7pm. And from what I understand from relatives, it was a packed house for the final performance of “Beauty and the Beast”.

I do know from personal experience, that when a teacher makes the difficult decision to retire, that family and friends can really and truly surprise you. They get you good, and tears are not easily held back, if at all.

When the celebration or celebrations come, people show up that you would have least expected to be there. And, they come out of love and gratitude for the difference the teacher has made in their lives.

And what is even more amazing is that your husband helped to keep the secret for weeks. That, in and of itself, is a minor miracle.

Mrs. Drawe’s first year as a kindergarten teacher was not only a new experience for her, but for me as well. Superintendent Bill Green convinced her to switch to kindergarten because he recognized something very special in this lady, who was just beginning her journey as an educator. And the city of La Feria, as well as the school district, reaped the rewards.

Our family was blessed to have her teach our first born and our youngest.

They represented the Classes of 1986 and 1996. I am pleased to know that there are many other parents and families, not just mine, who had the pleasure of having sent all or some of their children through her door.

What I will remember most about this absolutely terrific woman… that it was and ALWAYS is about the children. They came first, no matter what.

Enjoy your retirement, Ginny. You earned it!

With love and sincerest gratitude,

Gail Brandt

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