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Meet the Firefighters – Ashley Lerma

Ashley Lerma

Title: Firefighter

Years of Service: 2

What led you to becoming a firefighter? I wanted to help people.

What do you like about being a firefighter? What I like about being a firefighter is the brotherhood and closeness we all get.

What do you like least about being a firefighter? Seeing all the bad things that happen and go wrong. Watching people go through the acceptance of losing their belongings or their loved ones.

What the most exciting moment of your years in service? My most exciting moment was putting on a La Feria Fire & Rescue t-shirt. It symbolized that I was in and I had the ability to be able to contribute.

What’s the best part of service in La Feria? Watching the changes and growth in our department. The community has been very supportive and want to see the department grow.

To donate to your local fire department please visit or visit the fire station. Your generous donations could go to purchase a new stove, washer or dryer for the department. THANK YOU!

Attention: Small kitchen fire extinguishers are available for purchase at the Fire Department for $10.

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