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Santa Maria district employees and locals receive vaccination

By Nelda Briones

Commissioner Gus Ruiz, Pct. 4 speaking with volunteers

A vaccination clinic was held recently in Santa Maria. Vouchers became available Thursday morning March 26 at Tony Gonzalez Elementary School. Lines moved quickly and people were all set to come back the next day for their vaccines. This is all a part of the plan to get everyone eligible vaccinated in the county as well as school district employees. County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. Stated “For the past two months, now we have vaccinated individuals at our County clinics following the guidance and priority groups as identified by the State of Texas and the CDC. Teachers not being identified as a priority group has been a concern of ours and we’re glad to have received updated guidance from the State of Texas. We believe that vaccinating our teachers means we are one step closer in providing that safeguard not only in the classroom setting but also at home.” Commissioner Precinct 4 Gus Ruiz and County Health Department partnered with the Santa Maria ISD to vaccinate the local community as well. They administered 563 doses to the community and District staff.

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