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Road Work Update

A photo of 1st Street and its progress. Workers going over the caliche with the soil compactor after the rains from last week. This photo was taken on 9-7-22 by Emilio Flores, La Feria News.

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

“I know this is a big topic,” Alfonso Rodriguez, Public Works Director says people have been asking about the road work on 1st street, and what’s going on and, “why it’s taking so long.”

Rodriguez shares that upon construction, the workers found that 1st street had no caliche laid down; just simply dirt. That means they needed to do extra work to lay caliche first. He shares that every street must have a caliche base in order to have a strong foundation. “And we had nothing here.”

On Tuesday, September 6, Rodriguez shared that with last week’s rains, it’s going to affect 1st street, South Parker, and Magnolia Heights. Hopes are that the weather will allow them to finish up 1st street by Wednesday of this week but there’s not much they can do but wait and see. Rodriguez says that they plan to start on South Parker road this week aswell.

Javier Vega, Willow, Villareal, and of course Canal street have all been completed. Rodriguez says he is working to ensure the roads are planned out strategically so as to prioritize the streets with the heaviest traffic first of course factoring in other things aswell.

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