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La Feria ISD’s Pumpkin Contest

C.E. Vail Elementary students (from L-R) 1st place Regina Gersenowies 2nd place Arian Elizondo Most Creative Armando Cisneros 3rd place Cataleya Tostado

La Feria News
Emilio Flores

La Feria, Texas —The four Elementary schools participated in a pumpkin contest, Ms. Kristen Garza, the librarian for both W. B. Green Junior High & Dominguez Elementary shared that Students from the different elementary schools were invited to design and create a pumpkin from their favorite book character.

All the Students were to design a pumpkin using mixed media; decorating their pumpkins in any way they chose. Pumpkins were to be decorated with anything and everything the student wanted to use. They were painted, colored, or completely covered with different materials. Yarn, construction paper, pipe cleaners, cloth, wigs, etc. were used to decorate and complete the pumpkin.

Dominguez elementary alone received 25 entries this year according to Ms. Garza. Students and staff were all encouraged to vote on their favorite one From there the prizes were awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Sam Houston students (from L-R) 2nd place Legaci Alejandro, 1st place Aliannah Aguilar, 3rd place Makayla Rodriguez, and Most Creative Autumn Jimenez. Photos from La Feria ISD

The different schools had different incentives. As part of Noemi Dominguez’s prizes, students chose a book from their new Bookworm Vending Machine. Ms. Garza explains that this is the first time that students have used the machine and will continue to be used as an incentive for students throughout the year. Students also received a prize pack with snacks, library swag, and a poster.

La Feria ISD shares that “All participants were given a goody bag. First, second, third place, and most creative received a goody bag and a prize.”

Dominguez students (left to right) Jaelynn Jaramillo, Maria Ochoa, Leonardo Reyes, Brandon Figueroa.

The winners from Noemi Dominguez were:
1st place: Captain Underpants by Brandon Figueroa from Mr. M. Garcia’s class
Tied for 2nd place: Snoopy by Maria Ochoa from Mrs. Baker’s class and Coco Melon by Leonardo Reyes from Mrs. Icaza’s class
3rd place: Gary the Snail by Jaelynn Jaramillo from Mrs. Lawson’s class

The winners from C.E. Vail Elementary:
1st place: Regina Gersenowies
2nd place: Arian Elizondo
3rd place: Cataleya Tostado
Most Creative: Armando Cisneros

The winners from Sam Houston:
1st place: Aliannah Aguilar
2nd place: Legaci Alejandro
3rd place: Makayla Rodriguez
Most Creative: Autumn Jimene

All photos and captions were sent in by Kristen Garza and Lilia M. Sifuentes.

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