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Emilio Flores
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The La Feria city commission held its first regularly scheduled meeting for the month of December last Tuesday, December 13, at 6:30 pm. This meeting was brief, containing one consideration and a presentation.

First, the consideration and possible action on Ordinance 2022-16 amending monthly emergency service fee. This consideration was presented by City Financial Director, Frank Rios who says this ordinance entails a $2 increase. This has been something spoken in the past that the City has seen fit due to the growth and further expansion of the City of La Feria. This is collected through water bills, having half go to City, while the other half goes to the Fire Department. Some funds will also be going towards the Police department aswell.

Rios shares that the Police Department had recently received a body camera grant, this grant given was for $40,000, Financial Director shares that the remaining $25,000 was taken from the City’s general fund to total $65,000 investment. Currently no grants have been accepted for the Fire Department of La Feria. “We’re applying for other fund sources,” City Manager, Jaime Sandoval says.

Next on the agenda was a presentation regarding a Health Wellness 5K, presented by Veronica Galligan, Community Relations director for Prominence Health Plan in the Texas region. Mrs. Galligan shared some of her passion for health and fitness. She first shares that she was a La Feria graduate.

Why a 5K
Mrs. Galligan explains the importance of a 5K walk/run and that this is something she pushes for everyone to encourage everyone to do this as a lifestyle change, to get out there and enjoy a walk or stroll. “Changing your lifestyle is important,” she share that she has been a runner for 27 years plus, and says her passion is fitness and wellness.

Galligan has been putting on runs & walks for a number of years and wants to bring this run & walk to La Feria. She shares that this 5K will be just $10. Mrs. Galligan also says she would like to bring her ABI Screening system to this event aswell for anyone that may want/need screening. The ankle-brachial index test compares the blood pressure measured at the ankle with the blood pressure measured at the arm. A low ABI number can indicate narrowing or blockage of the arteries in the legs. Ankle-brachial index testing might be done before and right after walking on a treadmill such in suggested by Mrs. Galligan.

Veronica Galligan wants this to be an entire event not just a 5K, “I also want to incorporate a healthfair,” Booths that can help with installing ramps for those that may need, or food, or medications… “The matter is that we want to help and support our community.”

No set date has been mentioned thus far, but members of the board seem excited and Veronica Galligan will be coordinating with the City Manager for further safety and planning; incorporating both the Police and Fire Department to help. Thoughts of this 5K starting at Veterans Memorial Park seem to be where they are planning, further detail will be relayed as the information develops.

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