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City Meeting Held January 24, 2023

Alfonso Rodriguez speaks before commissioners at City Meeting, updating on the recent improvements that have gone on and project still happening

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

On January 24th, 2023 the City of La Feria Held its normal City Council Meeting.
First on the agenda was Consideration and possible action to waive water and wastewater fees for ongoing subdivision developments by Zarate Home & Designs.
This waiver seemed to simply have the water & wastewater fees paid by the builder, and not the developer.

Zarate Home & Design is the Development & Construction business that is behind most if not all of the recent development happening in La Feria. As mentioned back in August of 2022 in La Feria News’ story labeled “First of Many New Subdivisions”, Oscar Zarate shared he wants to “control the market…” Zarate says to, “Sell the right prices,” “Not just undersell or oversell.”

Next on the agenda was just Consideration and possible action on the 2023 General Election to be held May 6, 2023, for the positions of Commissioner Place 3, Commissioner Place 4, and Commissioner Place 5.
Number eight on the agenda, went hand-and-hand with the last, being “Consideration and possible action on a contract with Cameron County Elections Department for the election to be held on May 6, 2023.” This is basically to have the election taken care of, Amanda Morales, the City Secretary states this isn’t a new thing, and just really getting ahead of the game to go ahead and approve.

Morales does note that the County will have the elections at the American Legion building, instead of the City building.

The Consideration was approved with an additional statement that would not have residents that reside in the City Limits of La Feria participate in volunteering to help with the 2023 general elections.
Next, the City Manager explained he will be bringing a “Reports by Staff” every month, to inform the Council and those that attend the meetings what is happening in the City.

First, the Public Works Director, Alfonso Rodriguez begins updating with the Recreation Center and the Air Conditioning for the Rec Center should be finished by late March Alfonso shares.

Public Works Facilities – Alfonso says the Public Works facilities seem to be close to being finished up, with drywall up, and painting scheduled to happen this week, the facility seems to be around 75% finished.

City Manager, Jaime Sandoval speaks before commissioners at City Meeting. Photo taken by Emilio Flores, La Feria News

Street Improvements – “Streets are all finished.”
Rodriguez expresses that it, quote, “Feels good to have all the streets done because now all the manpower that I had tied up patching up things, can now be used elsewhere.”

Park Improvements – Rodriguez shares that they’ve been working on the lighting in some of the small parks. He shares that they’ve ordered the red dirt for the Baseball field and have new scoreboards already.
For Memorial park, the walking trail is being wrapped up, with all the park improvements (including the new fitness court) being finished by this Thursday; if everything goes smoothly.

Going back to the Rec Center, Rodriguez shared that they’ve had 170 kids register for basketball this year which Alfonso says is “Really really High for us,”

A raise of concern by Commissioner Place 5, Esmeralda Lozano, was the A/C system not working during basketball practice. Rodriguez states the company replacing the A/C will try and fix the current A/C system for the time being.

Mrs. Lozano also wanted to ensure that the parents would be advised of the situation, which the Public Works Director shared that parents had been informed during sign-up.

Esmeralda Lozano also brought up attention to the Volleyball court that she says, “needs a little love,”
Alfonso shares he has his crew really working hard on the nature park currently, and says afterward they plan to focus more attention on that.

Police Department – The police department was accepted for grant money that they used to put towards safety shields, and some new vehicles, along with tasers that the Officers will now be able to carry on them.

For the Fiesta de La Feria, Secretary, Morales says they are almost maxed out on vendor spots.

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