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La Feria ISD Hosts Culinary Camp: Inspiring Young Chefs to Excel

All photos were taken by Ariana Elizabeth Prado, La Feria ISD

Emilio Flores

La Feria, TX — Last week, La Feria Independent School District (LFISD) hosted an enriching and educational Culinary Camp for students interested in the culinary arts. Led by Mr. Duran, the Culinary Art Teacher at La Feria High School, the camp provided a platform for aspiring young chefs to develop their skills and explore the world of culinary delights.

Mr. Duran’s passion for teaching culinary arts stems from his experience in the military, where he had the opportunity to train service members for culinary competitions. With a natural inclination for teaching, Mr. Duran found his calling in sharing his knowledge and expertise in the culinary field with students. “Teaching was a perfect fit for me, and I just ran with it,” he expressed.

Although Mr. Duran has only been with LFISD for eight months, his connection to the school district runs deep. Having graduated from LFISD himself and with his children currently attending school there, he views this teaching opportunity as a chance to give back to his community. Mr. Duran also expressed his gratitude for the support he has received from LFISD administrators, particularly Mr. Casarez, the school’s principal.

The Culinary Camp aimed to provide participating students with valuable knowledge, confidence, and leadership skills that would benefit them in the culinary industry and beyond. Mr. Duran’s ultimate goal was to equip these young chefs with the tools they need for success. By nurturing their passion for culinary arts, the camp aimed to inspire a love for cooking and a strong work ethic.

Throughout the camp, students had the opportunity to learn various culinary techniques, and experiment with different flavors. Under Mr. Duran’s guidance, they learned some basic cooking skills, that the students would have otherwise maybe never be exposed to.

Additionally, the Culinary Camp fostered an environment of teamwork and collaboration. Students work together in a professional kitchen setting, encouraging cooperation and communication. The camp aimed to enjoy the art of Culinary while learning some unique skills that are vital in the culinary industry.

The success of the Culinary Camp can be attributed to Mr. Duran’s dedication and expertise, as well as the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the participating students. Through this hands-on experience, they gained practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the culinary arts.

The Culinary Camp at LFISD serves as an opportunity for students to test the waters in the Culinary world. There is no doubt these students gained new skills during this camp and enjoyed tasting some of their delicious work.

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