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La Feria ISD Starts Summer Off Running

Emilio Flores

La Feria, TX — La Feria Independent School District (LFISD) kicked off the Summer with some sports Summer Camps on Tuesday, May 30th. La Feria ISD held basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. These engaging camps not only keep kids active and engaged during the summer break but also provide a platform for students to try out different sports, helping them gauge their interest and potential involvement at the high school level in the coming years.

La Feria ISD Cheer Camp, held on its first day, kicked off the summer sports extravaganza on a vibrant note. With a lively theme of “Tie-dye Tuesday,” participants were immersed in a day of spirited activities. Each age group embarked on a journey of learning their unique dance routines, mastering cheer fundamentals, and honing their tumbling skills. The camp fostered a supportive and energetic environment, setting the stage for a memorable cheerleading experience.

Moving on to basketball, Head Coach Erik Villagomez expressed his enthusiasm for teaching the fundamentals of the game to participants ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. With a focus on enjoyment and skill development, Villagomez aimed to create an environment where kids could embrace the game of basketball. Through a series of engaging drills and exercises, participants not only learned the basics but also gained exposure to various basketball techniques. The camp instilled a love for the sport and provided a solid foundation for future basketball endeavors.

Meanwhile, the volleyball camp brought together young athletes eager to delve into the world of this fun competitive sport. The kids learned the techniques of serving, passing, setting, and spiking under the guidance of coaches Reba Fraga and Delia Lopez. The camp emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and strategy, equipping participants with valuable skills that will contribute to their growth as volleyball players. Through this friendly competition, kids exercised sportsmanship and teamwork. The camp had some small games to keep the kids having fun, while still learning different techniques in the sport of Volleyball.

By providing opportunities to try out different sports, the camps enable young kids to discover their passions and talents but most importantly make some great summer memories.

LFISD has more sports and camps coming up, keep up with their Facebook and social media to see what other camps are going on this summer!

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