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LFHS Gold Stars Officers Shine at Dance Camp, Earn Multiple Awards

Emilio Flores

La Feria, TX – The LFHS Gold Stars Officers showcased their talent, dedication, and teamwork at an incredible dance camp, setting the stage for an outstanding 2023 season. Over the course of two intense days, these talented dancers immersed themselves in learning, dancing, and preparing for the year ahead, leaving a lasting impression with their remarkable achievements.

The LFHS Gold Stars Officers received well-deserved recognition for their exceptional teamwork and unwavering dedication. Their hard work and passion were rewarded with a series of prestigious awards, including the Outstanding Performance Award, All American Officers of the Week, Super Sweepstakes, ADTS Award of Excellence, Best Overall Precision, Best Overall Choreography, and the coveted Grand Champion Team of the Week title.

In addition to the team’s success, special congratulations go to three outstanding individuals. Gloria Costilla received the All-American Honorable Mention, while Katelyn Torres and Ella Lazaro were both recognized as All-Americans. Ella Lazaro also stood out by earning a place in the Dance Company and receiving the Outstanding Performer Award.

The LFHS Gold Stars Officers attended the leadership dance camp, sponsored by the American Dance and Drill Team, held at PSJA Memorial High School. This camp brought together officers from 14 different schools, providing a platform for growth, and skill development.

Rhonda Amstutz, one of the directors of the camp, expressed her pride in the LFHS Gold Stars Officers’ hard work and accomplishments. The camp focused on leadership and choreography sessions, where the officers honed their skills and learned advanced routines in various styles such as kick, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. Rhonda, along with her daughter, both serve as the directors in charge of the camp, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for all participants.

The LFHS Gold Stars Dance and Drill Team, led by their dedicated officers, holds a significant purpose within the La Feria community. They strive to entertain and engage audiences through the art of precision drill dance while embodying the values of spirit and moral ambassadors. As members of the team, the Gold Stars have the opportunity to cultivate their passion for dance and the performing arts, instilling pride not only in their school and community but also within themselves.

The officers, selected through a rigorous audition process during tryouts, play a vital role in leading the team of 22 talented dancers. Throughout the season, they will take charge in choreographing and teaching routines, as well as serving as mentors to their fellow teammates.

Directors Holly Ann and Rhonda expressed their immense pride in the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the LFHS Gold Stars Officers. With an exceptional team in place, they eagerly anticipate the upcoming season and consider it a blessing to work alongside these talented individuals.

The LFHS Gold Stars Officers have set the stage for an extraordinary 2023 season, demonstrating their passion, talent, and commitment. Their achievements at the dance camp not only reflect their individual skills but also exemplify the strength and unity of the entire team. As the new season approaches, the La Feria community eagerly awaits the performances that the LFHS Gold Stars will bring to the stage.

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