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Recreation Center Opens, Pool offers Swimming Lessons, & All Inclusive Park Project Wraps up

La Feria Recreational office staff ready to welcome in!
Lifeguards Dario Sanchez and Angelina Trevino

Emilio Flores

La Feria, Texas— As the summer season kicks into full gear, children in La Feria are eagerly seeking ways to enjoy their vacation. With school out for almost a month now, the local Recreation Center (Rec Center) and Pool at Scott Sloan Park have become popular destinations for kids and families in search of fun activities.

Alfonso Rodriguez, the Public Works Director for La Feria, expressed his delight in announcing that the long-standing air conditioning issues at the Rec Center have finally been resolved. Regular attendees of the City Meetings might recall the previous reports on the facility’s HVAC troubles. According to Rodriguez, the A/C was fully repaired three weeks ago, just in time for the summer rush.

“We officially opened the Rec Center last week,” Rodriguez shared with La Feria News on Tuesday, June 20. “Yesterday was the first day, and we had forty-four students come in. However, we expect the numbers to pick up as the week progresses.”

Ayisha, a staff member at the Rec Center, shared that there are plenty of exciting activities available for children. The facility boasts a quiet room, a game room, and a spacious indoor gymnasium where kids can engage in various recreational pursuits.

During a guided tour of the Rec Center, Sydney Frausta, another staff member, highlighted the numerous amenities available. The game room offers a foosball table, two ping-pong tables, and space for board games such as Jenga, Monopoly, chess, checkers, and Connect Four. Meanwhile, the gymnasium provides basketball and pickleball courts. Additionally, the facility features a small snack area where CPR-certified staff members closely monitor the children’s safety. Frausta also mentioned the quiet room, where kids can enjoy coloring activities facilitated by the staff.

Alfonso Rodriguez adds that he knows many parents have been waiting for the facility to be opened back up. He says, “Parents have been waiting for this for a while,” Rodriguez says Covid was a setback, but they are “back on track.”

All the staff have gone through proper CPR training, Rodriguez comments that Parents can feel safe knowing that they have trained staff there at the Rec Center.

In addition to the Rec Center, the Scott Sloan Park Pool has also opened its gates to eager swimmers.
Dario Sanchez, one of the lifeguards working at the pool, revealed that they have been operational for nearly a month, starting from June 2. The pool is open from 1 PM to 6 PM, offering swimming lessons at 11 AM and 7 PM, followed by water Zumba sessions.

Sanchez reported a significant turnout since the pool’s opening. “Last night, we had about 60 people in the pool,” he shared. “People just kept coming in, enjoying the refreshing waters.”

Angelina Trevino, another lifeguard on duty this summer, expressed her enthusiasm for the job, especially considering the limited availability of summer employment opportunities for college students. Trevino mentioned that many employers hesitate to hire individuals who can only work during the summer. She added, “Being a lifeguard makes me feel like a kid again,” emphasizing the fun and excitement of the job while recognizing the responsibility of safeguarding lives.

As the season progresses, Rodriguez hopes that more people will take advantage of the different activities La Feria has to offer.

Lastly, Veterans Memorial Park is finishing their all-inclusive playscape. PW Director says they are just waiting on the final ramp to be installed for easy wheelchair access. The project should be finished by the end of the month if all goes well.

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