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To The Quarterfinals

USA, Mexico in Gold Cup Quarterfinals

By Ruben Rodriguez

The 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup continues, and as Group Play has come to an end, the USA and Mexico still have quite a ways to go.

For Mexico in Group B, El Tri had a quick start, Mexico captured a 4-1 victory over Honduras to open up their tournament action. Following the win, Mexico continued their dominance, captured a second major victory by outscoring Haiti 3-1. To continue the action, Mexico faced off against Qatar and fell short 1-0 despite multiple key points on offense.

For the USA, the Americans faced off against Jamaica, who has become quite the rival. After both teams were evenly matched on offense, USA and Jamaica tied at 1-1. Looking to pick up three points in the group stage standings, the USA picked up a massive 6-0 victory over St. Kitts and Nevis. The USA Continued their dominance, scoring six more goals to defeat Trinidad and Tobago.

In the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup, both squads will have quite the matchups. The USA will take on Canada, who has emerged as the team on the rise. Mexico will face off against Central American rival Costa Rica in what seems to be an evenly matched set of quarterfinals.

Other Matchups will include Panama vs Qatar, and Guatemala and Jamaica.

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