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A Worrisome Weekend

Rangers, Astros suffer sweeps at home

By Ruben Rodriguez 

With the MLB Season still going strong in August, both the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are continuing to battle out for the AL West crown. In a tight race such as this, every win is crucial, with every loss being very impactful. Both Texas Teams played at home and hosted two hot teams, the Milwaukee Brewers and Seattle Mariners.

The Texas Rangers took on the NL Central’s Milwaukee Brewers. The Rangers who were coming off a loss, were looking to turn the tide. Game one saw Texas and Milwaukee in a back and forth battle that ended 9-8. The Rangers mounted a late comeback but were held off by the Brewers defense.

The rest of the serious was the Milwaukee Brewers show as the NL Central Club outscored the Rangers 12-3 over the next two games. Milwaukee would dominate on both sides of the ball, winning game two 6-1, and game three 6-2. 

Meanwhile, the Houston Astros faced off against division rival Seattle Mariners. From the start, this series had more of a crucial outcome as the Astros are right on the Rangers’ heels and at the same time, Seattle is right behind Houston.

Friday night saw the Mariners control a slow game offensively and at the same time, shut Houston down to win game one 2-0. Game two, had a different outcome as the Mariners played dominant baseball and were able to limit what Houston was able to do offensively. Thanks to great play on both sides of the ball, Seattle knocked off Houston 10-3.

Game three saw Seattle again quickly take control before the Astros were able to turn a 6-0 lead into a 6-5 game in a matter of moments. Seattle would later respond by scoring in two more runs to hold off Houston 7-5, effectively sweeping Houston.

The AL West Race stays hot between Texas and Houston, while Seattle sits right behind the Astros in third and look to jump higher in the AL Wild Card.

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