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Fifteen-Year-Old Elon Musk?

Logan Duran Receives Top Grade in College Course Among Peers

Emilio Flores

Logan Duran, a local High Schooler in La Feria, now a Sophomore at La Feria Early College High School, has already completed some summer college courses receiving the top grade in his class among Juniors and Seniors. Ms. Yolanda Chamberlain, ECHS Director, shares, “As a Freshman this past year, it didn’t work out in Logan’s schedule.” Chamberlain says, “But for the first time, we offered summer College courses!”

—No previous experience in college courses at all, Logan earned the highest grade in his class! Chamberlain concludes by saying, “He outperformed the seniors!”

Duran says going through these college classes was, “An experience,” and shares that the course was a full semester course all condensed into one month. Duran took an online college course in speech from La Feria ECHS’s College partner, Texas Southmost College (TSC).

“It was stressful,” Duran says, “But you know, you gotta be determined to get these assignments done.”
Duran says it took a steady grind every day. “Especially the signature assignments, that takes a lot of time.”

From slides to information and scripts to speeches, the course had students record and turn in many assignments. Duran says he’s glad it was online, “If anything, I’d probably have been more nervous if it was in person —It’s very different.”

“This was my first College class I have taken in my life,” Logan Duran says even he was surprised at the whole thing, explaining, “There were Juniors and Seniors —And I was just a Freshman.” Getting the highest grade overall is quite remarkable and something to be proud of.

In regards to this great feat, Duran says he’s “proud of himself” adding, “—You have to be proud of yourself for accomplishing stuff that you never thought you’d accomplish.”
At just fifteen years of age, Duran seems to have a pretty great head on his shoulders and La Feria News knows that great opportunities will come his way because of that!

Duran shares his passion for Electrical Engineering. “La Feria knows me a little bit, especially the stores —’Cause I go there on my electric scooter,” Duran is highly fascinated by technology and specifically electric scooters, or PEVs and EVs (Personal Electric Vehicles, or Electric Vehicles in general).

Duran started to glow vibrantly as he shared, “I just really love the sound of the motors, the instant torque, and the power.” He continues by saying “ —Maybe it’s not as reliable as gas, but it is a lot cheaper.” Fifteen-year-old Logan Duran actually made a presentation for school concerning EVs and the benefits of them to college students who are trying to save money but still need a mode of transportation.

“Out of High School, they don’t have a lot of money, but EVs can cut costs on maintenance, gas —All you have to do is charge it” which Duran says “Costs little to nothing”
“I’m really excited to see the future,” Logan is excited to get into studying more on electric vehicles, from cars to scooters, any way of transportation, Logan’s passion is in EVs.

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