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SPOTLIGHT — Nicholas J. De la Garza

Emilio Flores

Nicholas J. De la Garza recently enlisted in the U.S. Army on the 29th of May. De la Garza plans to serve his 4 years as active duty and then proceed to work for U.S. Customs or Border Patrol. His family are all U.S. Veterans Father, Grandfather, and brother all serving in the Navy. His father Michael De la Garza is a desert storm veteran who served as a Navy Corpsman; a medic for the Navy. His Uncle, Joseph De la Garza, served in both the Army and Navy for several years. The De la Garza family have their up-and-coming next generation following in their footsteps, Nicholas’ cousin, Devin, is a rescue diver in the U.S. Navy.

Nicholas De la Garza is a 2023 graduate from La Feria ISD who enjoyed Tennis and Culinary Classes. His parents, Michael and Patricia De la Garza wish him the best of luck and have been his biggest supporters from day one. They shared that Nicholas is currently going through Boot Camp, having only two weeks left in his basics, following that, he will go straight into his advanced infantry training. Graduation for De la Garza is set for September 15, 2023, in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri.

Special thanks to Michael De la Garza for the information and pictures! Great job Nicholas and best of luck from back home. Hooah!

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