La Feria News

A New Librarian in Town

Emilio Flores

Exciting news for the City of La Feria, the Bailey H. Dunlap Library had been closed for a while and even before closing, hadn’t had much activity. Not many summer programs at the library, and seemed to have some logistical issues, not to mention the library’s system being very outdated.

As of November 13th, Sarah Seeley has been the new Librarian Director and plans to bring some changes to the Library!

Seeley says, “I definitely want to bring more programming and services to the community but I also want to bring people up to speed with the digital age.” Seeley says the system is very much outdated and needs some work, saying, “I think it’s my biggest project right now.”

Bailey H. Dunlap Library asks that If anyone in the community has a program suggestion or would like to bring their club or organization to come by or call the library! Seeley also says she wants to hear from the community. “It depends on what the community wants, really.”

Sarah Seeley says she worked previously as a librarian in McAllen and prior to that worked at Texas Southmost College. Seeley shares she had stumbled upon the opportunity to be a Library Director and went to apply and got the job!

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