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Try Goat Yoga for a Unique Yoga Experience

By Mike Villarreal

Have you ever heard of goat yoga? Well now is your chance to experience this news and unique way of doing yoga. And yes, these are certified goats that are being used. The goats may be a bit hardheaded, but one thing is for sure you will never look at yoga the same way again. While yoga has been around for quite a while, incorporating goats is a great combo and really gives yoga a fun way to exercise. With so many animals now readily accepted as emotional support animals, goat yoga gives you the best of worlds with your body getting much-needed spiritual exercise.

Goats have a therapeutic essence about them and have long been shown to increase oxytocin levels, the binding hormone, increase dopamine levels, decrease cortisol levels, decrease blood pressure and anxiety treatment.

This past Saturday February 17, 2024, Goat Yoga of South Texas was at the 83 Winery in Harlingen which started at 4:30 p.m. Everyone in attendance had a great time experiencing this unique way of combining yoga and goats. Goat Yoga of South Texas is the Rio Grande Valley’s only mobile goat experience, bringing their specialized, qualified, and adorable team of goats (and certified yoga instructors) to an event near you.

Goat Yoga of South Texas brings Zen and cuddly cabros to events across the Rio Grande Valley, from South Padre Island, Brownsville and Harlingen to McAllen, Edinburg and everywhere in between.
If you are interested in learning more about Goat Yoga of South Texas, you can call 956-245-3162 or check them out on Facebook at Goat Yoga of South Texas.

Photos from Goat Yoga of South Texas Facebook Page

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