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Jennifer Bristol is a sixth-generation Texan born in Austin Texas, and is crazy about the wild spaces and wildlife of the great state of Texas. Even though Jennifer started out as a production designer in the film industry, she felt as though she was not doing her life’s calling. She has always been a conservationist and environmentalist, so she followed her heart and call of the birds. Her best and earliest memories are of being outdoors and still are. She has been able to turn that love of nature into a career after stumbling around in the film industry and other endeavors. She worked as a resource manager at Bastrop State Park, program director, and director of Texas Children in Nature Network at Texas Parks and Wildlife. Jennifer has always had a strong desire to give back to the community served on the environmental Commission for the city of Austin, and was the former vice-chair and downtown commissioner.

In 2019, she stepped away from her Texas Parks and Wildlife job to focus on four book projects. One of those projects involved her mother, Valerie Bristol. Another project was with her father, George Bristol. And two projects were just for her.

All four projects celebrate and tell the story of nature and the human efforts to conserve it over time. In April 2020, her first book, Parking Lot Birding, A Fun Guide to Discovering Birds in Texas was launched. And even though the book was released during the pandemic, her book did even better than she expected. It turned out, everyone discovered birding while they were locked down at home
Jennifer says she is infinitely grateful for all the gifts in her life. She is happy to be surrounded by strong, passionate, and interesting people who have shown her the way, cheered her on and even lifted her when she stumbled. She has always tried to pay it forward when and where she can.

Jennifer was the recipient of Most Valuable Birder Award in the Great Texas Birding Classic for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

Jennifer was very excited to kick off her spring book tour Cemetery Birding last week in the Rio Grande Valley. She was at Quinta Mazatlan on February 15th, Frontera Audobon on the 16th, and Resaca De Palma State Park on the 17th. Even though the weather affected attendance, Jennifer said that there were more people on Saturday at Resaca De Palma State Park. For those who were in attendance, it was a great opportunity to meet Jennifer, share pictures, and test their skill at identifying bird calls with the guidance of Bristol herself.

The La Feria News would like to thank Jennifer Bristol ( The Atomic Cowgirl ) for her time and would like to wish her much success going forward. I can’t wait for any future projects she has. And with the Rio Grande Valley having not just one but nine unique World Birding Centers, the valley is truly a great place for both first-time visitors and expert birder to find a whole new nature adventure.
If you would like to find more info on Jennifer Bristol or to purchase any of her books you can reach her at

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