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Texas Southmost College’s Patient Care Technician Graduates Look Forward to a Future in Healthcare

New Patient Care Technician Program graduates proudly pose with their official certificates alongside TSC faculty and administration. Pictured L to R: ADN Instructor Elizabeth Lugo, AND Program Director Mary Kasprisin, ADN Instructor Linda Hinojosa, Naylea Acosta, Lyliel Aguirre, Dalia Garcia, TSC President Dr. Jesus Roberto Rodriguez, Jessica Hernandez, Kimberly Martinez, Carolina Preza, John Weston Silguero, PCT Instructor Michael Simon, VP of External Relations & Workforce Development Mr. Richard Mesquias.

Texas Southmost College proudly celebrated the graduation of its newest group of Patient Care Technicians with an official pinning ceremony on Thursday, June 13, at TSC’s International Technology, Education, and Commerce Center (ITECC). Seven students were honored during the ceremony, which included remarks from TSC President Dr. Jesus Roberto Rodriguez, VP of External Relations and Workforce Development Mr. Richard Mesquias, and TSC Patient Care Technician Instructor Michael Simon.

As part of the ceremony, TSC Associates Degree Nursing Instructor Elizabeth Lugo led the graduates in reciting the Nightingale Pledge, an oath by new nurses in which they swear to uphold the ethics and principles that define the nursing profession as a whole. Today, Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) are increasingly in demand within the medical field. PCTs begin their training by learning the same general skills of a nursing assistant, but the overall diversity of their skill set is continually expanded upon to provide them with more experience in an array of different areas and tasks.

Most often working directly under a registered nurse, PCTs can handle tasks that typically include monitoring patient vital signs, helping collect and prepare lab specimens, and, in some cases, lending assistance in minor surgical procedures by preparing sterile trays or performing sterilization procedures for surgical instruments.
“The role of a PCT has evolved over the last few years into its own individual role,” said Simon. “It’s an exciting advancement that has benefitted the healthcare field through the expansion of skills and level of expertise that a PCT can provide to their team.”

The students who participated in the PCT program gained hands-on experience by conducting their clinical rotations at Valley Regional Medical Hospital, where they had the invaluable opportunity to practice what they had been learning in the classroom portion of their studies. They also gained experience in the more nuanced aspects of work in the medical field, with one such example being the ability to build a rapport with the patients under their care, allowing them to provide medical and emotional support to those enduring the recovery process.

This diverse skill set equips them to secure employment in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Some PCTs, like Kimberly Martinez, from our graduating group, choose to continue their studies to further enhance their skills or specialize in a specific area of practice. “Now that I’ve passed my state exam and become a certified PCT, I am eager to keep moving forward and eventually become certified as a registered nurse,” she confidently stated, exemplifying the ambition and drive of our graduates.
Summer I 2024 PCT Graduates: Naylea Acosta, Lyliel Aguirre, Dalia Garcia, Jessica Hernandez, Kimberly Martinez, Carolina Preza, John Weston Silguero.

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