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LFPD Detain Suspect in Fatal Accident of La Feria Businessman

Truck and flatbed trailer involved in fatal accident

Truck and flatbed trailer involved in fatal accident

La Feria Police have detained one suspect, Timothy Paul McGee, 34, of Arizona, in connection with an accident that claimed the life of a local business owner on Tuesday evening, April 9. It was earlier reported, in other media, that McGee was a passenger in the vehicle with the driver running from the scene; however La Feria police are looking into the possibility that McGee was actually the driver in the violent accident.

Silvestre Guajardo, owner of Cantera Rancho Alegre, was loading trees and bricks onto a flat-bed truck when a white pickup truck slammed into him around 8:30 p.m. and ended his life. It was reported that Guajardo’s wife witnessed the accident that occurred in front of their business located on the westbound frontage road near Solis Road. La Feria Police Chief Donato Garcia said that Mr. Guajardo was parked off the roadway and the white truck jumped the curb and struck him with so much force that the truck sustained extreme front end damage even the loss of a wheel. Local police, fire crews and EMS were at the scene to attend to the victim and assist in the investigation.

At the scene, La Feria Police took McGee in to custody after having questions about his story, he gave false identification and he showed signs of intoxication, according to Chief Garcia. The chief reported that McGee stated he was only a passenger in the truck and he had been working as a yardman’s helper for the male, Hispanic driver who, he said, fled from the scene reportedly with two duffle bags. Investigators found the duffle bags hidden near the Solis Road overpass and were identified as belonging to McGee. The Chief said more suspicion arose as McGee’s explanations continued to conflict. It was also reported that McGee was identified as driving the white truck a short time before the accident at the drive-through window of the nearby La Feria Whataburger.

White truck involved in fatal accident

White truck involved in fatal accident

With freshly-painted jail cells in La Feria, police had to transfer the suspect to Harlingen before arraignment. It was reported that the Harlingen booking officers recognized the suspect and immediately realized he was using a false name because he had recently been charged with several other charges by the Harlingen police.

The investigation continues with further charges pending.

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